Beechy Library

The organization to be called henceforth the Beechy Public Library held their first meeting July 21, 1956. Application was made to the Outlook School Unit to house the library in a classroom of the old Beechy school. Permission was granted for a fee of $60 per month to pay for light and heat.

A campaign to the various clubs and organizations in the community for support garnered enough funds to send for the first book order. Hardcover books could be purchased for a dollar a book. People in the community also donated their private book collections to the library. Mrs. Esther Hooper was the first librarian.

In February 1958, the library board decided to raise money to build a new library. A suitable lot was provided by the Beechy Village Council. With personal financial donations, suppers, raffles, bake sales and small grants, enough money was realized to start the new library. A grand total of $3600.00 was needed with $2000.00 up front.

The official opening of the new library took place on Nov.5, 1959 at the library followed by a banquet in the Legion Hall.

In 1967 the Wheatland Regional Library was formed and Beechy Library's application for membership was the third one accepted. The Wheatland Regional headquarters is in Saskatoon and has a membership of over fifty libraries today.

The regional system has opened the reading public to access of materials from all over the


continent through inter-library loan system. Free access to online has been provided in the libraries through Industry Canada.

Four librarians have served in the Beechy library: Mrs. Esther Hooper, Mrs. Marie Moebis, Mrs. Ella Holden (who served for a tenure of 26 years), and present day librarian, Lois Meaden. The library has been blessed with the hard work, help and generosity of many volunteers. Along with grants from the R.M. of Victory, the Village of Beechy and the Wheatland Regional Library, our main source of income has been through rummage sales. The first income from a rummage sale was $100.00 from the Minnie Lake and Buffalo Basin Homemakers clubs in 1959. The library now holds semi-annual rummage sales, in October and April, which raise funds from $1800.00 to $2500.00 each.

Beechy Library Executive
President:: Diane Peters 859-4906
Secretary-Librarian: Lois Meaden 859-2064
Treasurer: Donna Redmond 859-4531
Vice-Pres. Maureen Robberstad 859-2009
Library: 859-2032