Coteau Hills Cowboy

1990 Peter J.Perrin

Peter Perrin was born April 29, 1908 on the Perrin homestead southeast of Maple Creek. The family ranch was located on the base of the Cypress Hills

At the age of 16, Pete hired on at the Matador Community Pasture under George Valentine, the pasture manager, and Jesse Perrin, foreman. Nine years later Pete married the boss’s daughter, Mae Valentine.

Pete began entering rodeos at the age of 16 and by 1925 he was doing a little winning. The wild cow riding at the Murraydale Stampede earned him a rawhide lariat, one of his most treasured prizes.

The 1930s saw Pete entering more of the rough stock events. He tried his hand at saddle bronc, bareback, cow riding, calf roping and wild cow milking. During the early years, wild cow riding was more common than today’s bull riding event.

Pete was also active and successful as a pick-up man and a rodeo clown during his rodeo career. Brother, Don Perrin, was a stock contractor and Pete worked for Don at a number of rodeos. In 1942 Pete contracted the pick-up job at Regina rodeo. He hired several other hands, one being local cowboy, Hugh Bovee.

Pete was also known as “Hansom Hanna”, the rodeo clown. He had a trick horse and entertained the crowd with several acts to keep the rodeo fans entertained.

Pete was employed at the Matador Community Pasture for 18 years, becoming foreman while brother Jess was manager. In 1943 he purchased a spread of his own from Lawrence Omach of Kyle. The headquarters of Omach’s ranch on the Sough Saskatchewan River was originally known as the Dug Out Camp where the famous “Q” outfit was located.

During the 1940s Pete was a director of the Saskatchewan Horse Market Co-operative. He was responsible for gathering and trailing meat horses from neighbouring farms and ranches, some as far away as Wiseton and Riverhurst. They were trailed south to the plant at Swift Current. It is estimated that Pete delivered well over one thousand head through these years, all of which were trailed.

As time went on Pete took advantage of other opportunities. In 1950 Pete sold the old “Q” Dug Out Camp to Elvinus Hermanson and purchased the neighbouring ranch from the Minor family. It was originally known as Cruickshank Ranch, the 6T.

Pete has been involved in many aspects of the cattle industry. From 1963 to 1966 he served as the president of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association. He has held a membership since 1930 and continues to attend SSGA functions.

Pete represented the Province of Saskatchewan at the National Cattlemen’s Association in Memphis, Tennessee in 1964. Pete and Mae received a certificate recognizing them as honorary citizens of the State of Tennessee.

In 1973, Pete and Mae lived on a plantation in Basotu, Tanzania, Africa where Pete was involved in agricultural development on the plantation.

Pete was inducted into the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Billings, Montana in 1981. He retired from ranching that same year and moved to Kyle.

Pete served on the local committee for several years and we are proud to introduce him as our “Coteau Hills Cowboy of 1990”.