Snakebite Riding Arena Club
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The SNAKEBITE RIDING ARENA CLUB was formed in the autumn of 2002. The proceeds raised by the Riding Club will go towards restoring the Demaine Rink. In order, it once again be used to serve the local communities. This has been achieved, by way of equine events, ( such as gymkhanas, cutting competitions roping and training clinics, even a dog clinic) social events, and the sale of HORSEPOWER THROUGH A CENTURY Day Planners, which have generated the bulk of the funds. These Day Planners are still easily attainable. There are now sufficient funds to start re-roofing the Demaine Rink this year.

With good footing, the rink is in use regularly by horse owners throughout the year, but more so during the long winter months.

HORSEPOWER THROUGH A CENTURY Day Planners $12.00 each or $20.00 for 2

Contact Sue Thomas 859 2142


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